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Epick, established in 1994, Shenzhen Guangdong Province, specializes in manufacturing and developing computer/network equirement, computer peripherals, Telecommunication cable and connector, etc. Having experienced 20 years rapid growing and cooperated with international outstanding enterprises, we have mastered the most advanced and matured technology in this field. On this base, we have set up a perfect operation system that from information collecting, product development, design and produce, to sale and feedback.


Epick company has set up 3 manufacture, Shenzhen  adapter factory ,Guizhou cabling factory and Chendu electronics factory, connector factory and PE factory. also Epick Established North, Central, South China Service Centers. Therefore we have set up the system from PE produce, cable assembly & connector, marketing and sale-after service. ISO9001 and MII of P. R. China, BSCI certificates have approved our products.


We have three serial products: computer cable assembly; Networking distribution system; computer peripherals.


Epick cable, wire and connector assembly include Bulk cable and wire; V.35 Router cable; SCSI, Multimedia cable ; Flat, Serial, Parallel, IEEE1284, RS232 cable; coaxial, RGB, KVM cable; audio & video cable, USB &IEEE1394 cable, mouse & keyboard cable, telecommunication cable, fiber cable, power cord & socket panel.


Epick network distribution products include CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6 cable, Link Rack, general RJ45 Socket, 110 Socket, RJ45 Jack, Connector, Patch cable and variety of assembly boxes, Stripping, Crimping and Impacting Tools and so on. Our purposes are of providing series of products for Computer and Computer peripherals connecting, LAN and WAN connecting.


The goals of our company are to pursue the perfect and keep eminence technology and quality for the 21century as a stable growing enterprise. Aggressive, Innovative and Ambitious. Epick, advances and progresses with the world high technology.



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Epick Tech have 20 years experience on manufacturing. We have 3 factories



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